Here’s a Couple Tracks I Made for Free Commerical Use

That’s right, Free. You can use these tracks, for free, with your commercial, or personal, projects. The only thing I request is that you give me credit. Just a mention or link back is fine. I would also love to hear back about where you use the track.

You can find out complete details on the license for these tracks here: Creative Commons

Link back to this post or credit me where you use it: Music by Jonathan Brimer via (

DJ Cutman and This Week in Chiptunes

One of my favorite podcasts, and something I listen to weekly, as it’s a weekly podcast, is This Week in Chiptunes. It’s run by DJ Cutman who makes great chiptune music, runs the podcast, and is the founder of a very unique record label GameChops. The label focuses on video game music remixes.

Listen to and support his music at bandcamp and soundcloud.

Find him on Twitter or Facebook